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Vermouth Workshop SOLD OUT



Back in October at The Merchant’s Table we held an exclusive Vermouth Workshop hosted by The London Vermouth Company, as part of the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival.

During the workshop, we learnt all about Vermouth including; how to best utilise your homegrown or hedgerow found botanicals. The London Vermouth Company provided us with dozens of flavours and botanicals to try on the night and a range of Suffolk wines as bases for the Vermouth including:

ANTICO FORMULA CARPANO The original Vermouth, invented in Turin in 1786 but only becoming fashionable by the mid 1800’s when the chic folk created aperitivo culture... a great excuse for a post work drink!

Profile: raisins, Chocolate, coffee and spice.

DOLIN BLANC Although it was Mr Noilly (Pratt) who first took Italian vermouth across the Alps and made it with French grapes and botanicals it was, for us, Dolin, who first made it great :

Profile: mountain florals, then elderberry, almonds and finally peach.

VYA SWEET The forerunners of modern Vermouth. After visiting Mont Blanc and falling in love with Vermouth, the VYA team went home and created an all American stunner. No wormwood either (it’s banned in the USA) so uses gentain instead, giving an earthy dusty base.

Profile: using muscat wines as a base then honeyed sweetness, dried figs and sarsaparilla.

REGAL ROGUE ROSE New wave Australian Vermouth made with outback botanicals and Barrosa Valley grapes. Wine forward.

Profile: Like a glass of wine with a floral silk shirt over the top.

SACRED AMBER Iain Hart is the man that woke the UK up to Vermouth, a hero and a legend.

Made in his front room in Highgate, in collaboration with Dukes Hotel (those Martini masters!)

Profile: orange blossom, orchard syrup and gentle spice.

SERPENTINE STAR CAMILLE’S RED Next generation Vermouth made in collaboration with cocktail doyenne Camille Hobby-Limon. A hearty autumnal treat.

Profile: rhubarb, honey, port and cinder toffee.

SERPENTINE STAR AMBER LIMON Second release via the mind of Camille, this time a perfect sipper!

Pour over ice with a slice of orange and enjoy.

Profile: fresh citrus peel, grapefruit tones and sweet aromatics.

We encouraged participants to think about what Suffolk reminds them of when creating their own botanicals at home. Salty Beaches on a summers day? Musty Forests in winter ? Romance? Hedgerows? Lavender? Candy floss?

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Later Event: 25 November
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