Fliff Carr


Fliff Carr is a designer and maker of simple yet refined ceramic tableware and interior products. Fliff has worked with clay in her studio in north London for the last 16 years, having studied ceramics at City Lit in London. She previously worked as a make up artist for film and television. Her finely thrown and hand rolled work is uniquely eclectic. Exploration of scale and pattern characterise Fliff’s sometimes whimsical often surprising pieces – an irregular rim or extended handle lend a sense of lively fluidity and delicacy to the work.  Fliff uses white earthenware clay, embossed, stamped or inlaid with subtle shades of coloured slip, underglazes and textures from vintage fabrics and found objects. Dark lines, thinly drawn or inscribed unify designs and provide a common motif  in Fliff’s understated, comtempory aesthetic.

Inspired by her a love of collected objects Fliff uses artefacts and fragments of a past narrative as a constant inspiration for her work. She references details from fields as diverse as book illustration, cathedral glass, graffiti, machinery, masonry and lace which inform the texture, shape and imagery present in her collection.

“I am drawn to the idea of collecting and like to design and display things in groups. My use of gold adds to the notion of ‘treasure’, of found objects that are precious.”

Fliff has collaborated with international retailers, interior designers and private collectors to create bespoke products and collections.

We are thrilled Fliff is creating an installation of her work in The Merchant’s Table in Autumn 2019. There are currently a limited edition of her precious vessels for sale in the shop.

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