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Founded in 2013 by Deborah Thomas, Doe focuses on one simple thing: making leather bags and accessories using the best material and working with the most skilled craftspeople from their design studio in Suffolk.

Doe draws on it’s historical family ties to ensure everything made has its own story. W. Pearce and Co, founded in 1908 by Deborah’s great-great grandfather, was a successful tannery in Northampton which began life producing leather linings for shoes and hats.

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Each Doe leather bag and accessory starts with an idea based on shape and function. 

The design comes together over time in our Suffolk studio; first as a paper pattern, then as a further two prototypes created with leather offcuts - the second version more refined and ready to be be taken to the heritage factory we work with. We are committed to retaining our British heritage and can guarantee that ‘Made in England’ means just that.

In a world of fast-fashion and flash logos, Doe believe that real luxury comes from taking the time to do things slowly. Considered purchasing, as opposed to impulse buying, gives you the chance to know and trust a brand before investing. Slow fashion is more than just a fad - it’s a thoughtful, rewarding process which connects you to the pieces you wear in a way that can only be achieved when you truly know its provenance.

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Doe Leather has collaborated with Pump Street to create a collection of bags. Created using up-cycled cocoa bean sacks, Doe Leather has transformed them into smart leather handled Market Bags.

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