Steven Will’s pottery is located on the Suffolk coast, with much of his work rooted in the local landscape - Developing a colour palette and sourcing natural materials (mud, clays and wood ash) to decorate thrown and cast porcelain. Espresso cups, bowls, and mugs are thrown in the colours of the Suffolk coast.

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We commissioned Steven to create a set of cups which were used as part of our collaboration with Workshop Coffee. Steven worked closely alongside Richard of Workshop to make the most beautiful coffee cups that are not only inspired by the land but also by the coffee itself.


“My starting point was that Workshop Coffee is serious about traceability and the origins of its coffee beans. When designing a set of cups to be used with those coffees I wanted to include as much about sense of place in the pottery as is in the beans.”


“After a great chat with James Bailey at Workshop Coffee, I discovered so much more about the different styles of cups that have emerged over the years to go with different types of coffees. I had no idea that cappuccino and espresso are of a prescribed size (6oz and 2oz respectively). Or that a round bottom is preferred to help keep the crema at its best (and in the case of cappuccino a wide top to give space for milk foam art). Even colour can affect the perception of flavour with white which bringing out stronger taste and more bitter tones and fussy patterns / dark colours causing a distraction.”


“Taking this information on board I've developed a set of cups for different coffee styles. All are thrown in porcelain which is a tough and strong clay, dishwasher proof and very durable. 

- The espresso cup is 2oz with a round bottom and is glazed with pine ash from Snowdonia and ball clay from Poole Harbour. The bracken coloured glaze is gentle and mellow and shouldn't compete with the flavours of the coffee. 

- The cappuccino cup is 6oz, again round-bottomed with a wide top for milk foam art and is glazed with my standard tin white with added rust speckles from the old forge where my studio is located at Sudbourne Park, Suffolk. 

- The mug at 8oz can take an Americano, latte or tea. It's glazed with foraged willow ash from Betty's fen, Blo Norton, Norfolk combined with clay from the banks of the river Waveney at Geldeston in Suffolk.”

Steven James Will

susanna cook