Some pieces in your home stay with you over the years and decades and somehow manage to evolve and settle in to new spaces as you do, holding their distinctive quality and relevance. Charlotte Packe’s designs are a fine example of this. I own lamps and mirrors, the collection of which has grown with me like good friends. 

Charlotte has a rare sensitivity for materials which not only compliments the overall aesthetic, but also the actual effect on the light source and it’s radiation.


Charlotte Packe is a lighting designer and artist who was born in Suffolk and studied at Goldsmiths College. She has been working with lighting since 1990, creating lighting installations and designing bespoke luminaires for private and corporate clients as well as manufacturing small batch runs for selective retail outlets

Always materials inspired, working on refining and paring back with a natural influence from nature and aiming to bring calm sculptural lighting working with warmth and restraint with carefully selected materials all to enhance light and its source within our home.

“Light is one of the most magical forces, it is the most important element in our world and therefore within our home. I am inspired and in awe by light and to be able to work with such a magical force and then to select materials which control, capture, direct and enhance - it is the best part of the world we live. ”

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