Rachel Dein specialises in creating botanical art in both plaster and concrete. In the light-filled attic studio at her north London home, the artist Rachel Dein gently peels back a clay mold to reveal a plaster cast of flowers in amazing details and extraordinary beauty. Rachel’s work evolved from the old tradition of nature printing, the technique of using the surface of a natural object to make a print.

Rachel Dein makes plaster casts of plants and flowers that record all their texture, pattern, and delicacy in exquisite details. Her composition can be as simple as a single stem or as complex as a field of wildflowers, leaves, and grasses. Pendulous bleeding hearts, curly fiddleheads of ferns, and wispy poppies are some of her favorite flowers to cast. There is a memorial as well as a celebratory quality to these simple tiles and panels, for they preserve a fleeting moment of glory long after the plants have faded and died. They reflect Rachel’s interest in nature, its transience and tenacity.

At The Merchant’s Table, we stock Rachel’s small botanical casts in plaster and her very striking large botanical casts in concrete. The stock is constantly refreshing so please do visit us or email for details of what we currently have in stock. susanna@themerchantstable.co.uk

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