Thomas Smith Extra Large Trug

Thomas Smith Extra Large Trug


Size 66cm x 36cm x 16cm

Height 32cm

Depth 14cm

Each royal sussex trug is hand crafted, using sweet chestnut for the rim and handle, which is hand shaved to the correct thickness using a Draw Knife, which the craftsman has to do all by eye.

The boards of the trug are made using recycled Cricket Bat Willow, these boards are placed inside the frame and fixed securely into position using solid copper tacks.

Way back in the heydays of the 1820’s, just before Queen Victoria ascended to the English Throne, a Man of Sussex, one Thomas Smith of Herstmonceux, made a decision about his life that was to have a profound effect on Sussex and the World. He invented the Sussex Trug! Taking an ancient idea dating back to Anglo Saxon times, Thomas redesigned the historic “trog” and in so doing he created a part of the English gardening scene that is now World famous!

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