forthwith Notebook

forthwith Notebook


A letterpress, hand bound notebook for those notes or sketches with the busy and productive individual in mind. Do you know someone who gets things done, nothing will stand in their way and they do it with a cheery disposition!

We have bound this book with a beautifully, cheery rich yellow cover and letterpressed the go-do word, ‘forthwith’. The book is hand stitched with an orange bookbinding thread. Sunshine and achievements abound!

We collaborated with Aspen Press, the very lovely Suffolk letterpress studio to produce our @the_merchants_table notebooks.

There are three in the range:

  • an overwhelming urge - for the passionate and impulsive!

  • herbaceous - for all green notes and keen gardeners!

  • forthwith - for the busy and productive!

    Each notebook is made with Somerset, a sustainable paper made of 100% cotton and manufactured by St Cuthberts Mill, who have been making paper on the same site since the 1700’s. Rather apt these notebooks are being sold in a building which has housed merchants since the 1700’s!

    The books are hand bound with contrasting thread.
    H 210mm x W 148mm

    Aspen Press print on a variety of presses including a vintage Golding Pearl which was built in 1910.

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